motivating you to move past fear and embrace your Life Purpose. Through expert training and mentorship, you will grow and learn to perform at your Peak Potential as you integrate Core Breathing into your everyday life.

educating you to discover your Exceptional Skills, Personal Empowerment, and Self-discipline. Pilates2Voice® is a new mind-body technique developed by Dr. Veera Asher, highlighting original research from her Doctoral dissertation: "Integrating Pilates into the Voice Studio." Through breathing & chanting practices you will discover your Authentic Voice, and experience greater Presence in Presentation, Articulate Communication, and Heightened Awareness.

entertaining you with powerful Presentations juxtaposing Inspirational Words of Wisdom with Classical-Crossover Music that integrates Theatre, Dance and Composition. Veera's Performances are uniquely infused with influences from her South Asian culture of India.

Motivation, Passion, Dedication: Dr. Veera believes everyone has a song in their heart, and the world deserves to hear your song.                    The Versatile Singer      


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